Hi, my name is Supernova Kasprzak. Yes, it really is…  Google it or something. I live in Newport, ME, all alone with the voices in my head. Occasionally they tell me to write blogs  :p

I am an atheist, as well as politically independent, but you can probably tell that from my blogs. I also love poker, and I’m well-versed in strategy at nearly every form of poker (currently learning Badugi, which is loads of fun). I’ve written a few blogs about poker on Railbirds.com, and they’re received a lot better than my blogs here. Of course, a blog about how to play Chinese Poker or how to win at 5-Card Draw is simply not very controversial.

I have a beautiful 3-year-old daughter that I love to death, and no current girlfriend (now accepting applications). If you like my blogs (and especially if you don’t) then feel free to comment on them. Enjoy.


2 responses to “About

  • Michael Albert

    I was recently made aware of this blog by a mutual friend and I must admit I was prepared to have my intelligence insulted, nay assaulted. I was surprised to see this was not the case. If you have the convictions you claim, please consider contacting me at the address provided.

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