Christians Live Like There Is No God

I’m ashamed of Christians for not replying to my posts, and even more ashamed that they don’t confront me with efforts to convert. After all, doesn’t the bible say that its believers are to do exactly that, preach to the unbelieving? Time and time again I’ve expressed both a lack of belief in the bible as well as a willingness to discuss whether God exists with anyone who disagrees with me. And time and time again nobody bothers to take me up on this challenge.

In a new video by TheThinkingAtheist entitled “The Dinner Party”, a man falls over with a heart attack and the rest of the people at the party gather around him to pray for his health. This is a satire aimed at the fact that such a thing doesn’t happen… when Christians are pressed to depend on either God or medical science, they depend on science and give the credit to God. Isn’t prayer supposed to be more dependable and cheaper? Why would a believer ever go to the hospital when they have the power of prayer? Because, when they’re honest, they don’t believe that prayer has power.

In the same way, Christians don’t challenge me to debate because they’ll be embarrassed and (worse) they won’t change my mind. It’s true, they’re not likely to change my mind. I’ve heard all the arguments before, and I know the replies. The Christians I know aren’t even aware of the atheist arguments (even though I post them here repeatedly) and never have a ready answer for them. I do more research and study than my opponents, and that’s why I debate better. Not having God on my side doesn’t hinder my success, and having God “working through them” makes me think that God isn’t so great at debate, either.

I became an atheist when I realized that God’s power didn’t change a thing. There was a time when I desperately wanted to be sin-free, and despite my best efforts, coupled with prayer and strong will, I couldn’t accomplish it. If it’s clearly God’s will that I should be free from sin, and if my free will isn’t hindering God’s attempts to rid me of sin, then why would I still sin? Because God’s power wasn’t even part of the equation.

If Christians lived like there was a God, as I did, they’d quickly become disappointed with life and filled with doubt. And that, I suppose, is why they don’t.


P.S. Really, I’m always open for debate, even if you just want to test an argument for “This is Why God Exists”.  By testing it on me, I can tell you the weaknesses of the argument and you can become better at debating your case. Just put your ego aside, the one that tells you personally “there’s no response to such a strong argument”, and give it a try. If you want to debate me privately, my email address is I can always make the time to reply to a reader.


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6 responses to “Christians Live Like There Is No God

  • Pablo Lopez

    How long where you a christian?

    • starcrashx

      Roughly 16 years, from a very early age to adulthood. When I started living by myself, I devoted an awful lot of time reading the bible and trying to live by its words. As you may know, this is impossible. The new testament, where it speaks of things such as in Matthew 5:28 – But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. – makes even feelings or thoughts sinful, and no one can possibly avoid thoughtcrime. There are injunctions such as “pray without ceasing” – also impossible. I thought with God’s help that I could accomplish these, but I could not. It was a life either lived in denial or guilt, and I choose neither. I’m an atheist now, and happy with the benefits of such an outlook.

  • mcoville

    Interesting post, very thought provoking and well written. I am coming to your blog by chance and as a Christian. I would like to address your question/statement: “doesn’t the bible say that its believers are to do exactly that, preach to the unbelieving?”

    The fact that you have heard of the bible and the gospel of Jesus then some Christian in your life has already fulfilled their obligation to preach the truth to you. A Christian is not responsible to make sure your converted, that is your free will decision to make. It is apparent at this time that you have made that decision and you are prepared to meet the consequences of that decision.

    Please do not misunderstand me, I do not like the “Occam’s razor” argument and think it is a false argument for God. But I do believe that we all make free will decisions and are then obligated to meet the negative or positive consequences of those decisions. If you have heard the gospel of Jesus who is the Christ and it turns out to be true you will not be able to plead ignorance, therefore the Christians in your life have already meet the obligation of preaching the truth to you.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts on this and appreciate your time.

    • starcrashx

      I can’t say that the argument satisfies me. To put it in analogy form, it’s like saying a doctor tried to operate on my heart, couldn’t reach the darn thing, and just gave up saying “I tried.” Or like a waiter bringing me a meal, and when I say “This isn’t what I ordered”, he/she replies “It’s up to you to accept or reject, but it’s the only meal you’re getting today.”

      It’s an admission that God has no power over me. When someone invokes free will, they’re basically saying that God can do anything, but only if I let Him. Why is His power limited by His own creations? It’s a cop out of the worst kind, a way to have your cake and eat it, too. If a person is converted, God is responsible. If they are not, the person is responsible. Who is really responsible for a life-changing conversion? Even if you think God “helps” somehow, you’re denying credit to a person for putting in their half of the effort.

      Perhaps you, like many, believe that atheists don’t want to believe in God. This is silly. My current belief system doesn’t see me in a happy afterlife forever, but rather just a non-existence similar to the one I lived in before I was born. There is a good reason that the Christian religion (and in fact every religion) is appealing to an unbeliever. But belief isn’t simply a choice. Would you live a happy and fulfilled life if you believed that you were a super hero with the power of your choice? Probably, but you couldn’t really believe that because you know it’s factually untrue, or at least extremely unlikely.

      I could be converted, but with factual evidence. If God can’t provide it, then it’s not my free will blocking his conversion, but His inability to provide that evidence or His unwillingness to do so. As for whether the religious try to convert me, aren’t they merely tools for His good works (Phillipians 2:13)? Or is their free will also getting in His way?

      • mcoville

        You say a lot of good arguments in your response, but I would like to focus on one that shows the shield most atheists hide behind.

        “I could be converted, but with factual evidence. If God can’t provide it, then it’s not my free will blocking his conversion, but His inability to provide that evidence or His unwillingness to do so.”

        God has provided all the “factual evidence” anyone needs to know he is who he says he is. So why do you feel you deserve more “proof” than everyone else?

        If God did not allow us to make the free will choice between accepting his salvation or denying him you would complain that he is being a tyrant. Without the choice to give ourselves to him freely the relationship would be meaningless. If you are married think of it this way. You asked your wife to marry you and she had the free will choice to say yes or no, when she said yes it was because she loved you. If she had no free will to make that choice there would be no evidence of her love for you.

        If God did not give us a choice but saved everyone, there would be no evidence of love from either side.

        One last thing, the difference between a Christian’s responsibility in the salvation process and a doctor performing heart surgery is that a Christian can not save you no matter how hard they try. Like the Doctor, God never gives up. Unlike the doctor, God will save you no matter what… if you ask.

      • starcrashx

        “Shield” that atheists “hide behind”? Do you think that rewording the phrase “response” that atheists “give to this argument” with disrespectful semantics makes it sound better? Would you like your “response” to also be painted in a way that makes you sound weak, hostile, or close-minded? Please give my arguments the respect that you wish to be given to yours.

        You say that God has provided factual evidence, but you present none. I have, in past blogs, presented the “factual evidence” given by Muslims, and yet we’re not convinced that Muslims have proven the existence of Allah. Are you saying that you deserve more “proof” of Allah, or are you just like the rest of us – unbelieving in the face of evidence that’s clearly biased and poorly reasoned? Every false belief – astrology, new age healing, and popular conspiracy theories – has its believers that present evidence of its truthfulness. That doesn’t make any of them true. There are certain criteria that evidence must actually fulfill to be scientific, and the evidence given by the religious is often anecdotal or untestable – that is, not really evidence by definition.

        Finally, telling me what the Christian point-of-view on free will is not an education. I was a Christian for a longer part of my life than I’ve been an atheist. I know that “God did not give us a choice but saved everyone”. I’m well aware of what Christians believe, and more importantly I can see how your belief looks from the outside. Does God love the angels? Then why doesn’t he give them free will – a choice between belief or non-belief, obedience or sin? Why are some angels that believe in God but reject to live by works going to Hell (such as Lucifer)? Why weren’t the other 10 million species of animal on this planet given the choice to choose between Heaven or Hell? Does God hate animals? What about the people that have never heard of the Christian God?

        Your certainty doesn’t sway me any more than the certainty I hear from defenders of Islam, astrologers, new agers, conspiracy theorists, etc. Saying it’s true with conviction doesn’t make it true. Presenting good evidence that’s stronger than the evidence against it does make it true. I’d appreciate some evidence.

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