Why Gays Should Marry

Love the sinner, hate the sin.”

While these words are not implicitly Christian, you’ll notice that I’ve provided links that show that at least half of this statement is part of the Christian faith – they are to love their neighbors, who are obviously sinners. Do Christians love gay people? Does hating the sin look any different than hating the sinner?

American gays want the right to get married, and it’s pretty clear that most of the opposition comes from the religious. This is strange, because in a context that doesn’t involve homosexuality, these are the same people who support marriage and think that couples shouldn’t just remain together, “shacked up”. They tell us of all the benefits of marriage, and then tell us that gays are better off without these benefits. I’m going to list the main arguments against gay marriage, and of course the reasons why they aren’t logical.

1 – Gay sex is sinful. So what? We don’t legislate morality. The first amendment to our Constitution prohibits laws that respect one religious belief over another. But even this is beside the point, because keeping gay marriage illegal does not, in any way, prevent or prohibit gays from having sex. Gay couples exist whether they can marry or not. If you want to stop the sin, this won’t have any effect on that whatsoever.

2 – This will change the definition of marriage. Why would that be true at all? You’d have to believe that marriage is a Christian rite, but even the book of Genesis mentions examples of marriage outside of the Christian faith, most likely existing before the first Jews. There are some who claim Adam and Eve were married, but that’s silly. The bible doesn’t speak of them as husband and wife, there was no one to officiate for them, and without the ability to commit adultery a marriage between them would be pretentious.

“US Citizen” used to be a term that didn’t pertain to blacks, and a “voter” never meant a woman a century ago, but expanding those definitions certainly didn’t change them for the worse. It’s a good thing that we stopped discriminating in these cases.

3 – Being gay isn’t natural. If you want to take it that far, being married isn’t “natural” either, as we’re the only species that bothers with such a thing. This argument is brought up only by those who have indoctrinated to believe that being gay is a choice. If you were told that being attracted to the opposite sex was wrong and that God would hate you for it, could you change? Would you marry a same-sex partner just because it was normal and people told you that you should? That same revulsion you feel is akin to how a gay person views heterosexuality. It may not be common, but to some, it is how nature made them.

4 – Gays can’t produce children. Neither do many heterosexual couples, and we don’t condemn them for it. On this note, should we prevent octogenarian marriages?

5 – Gay marriage will incur God’s wrath. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? I sure don’t, because it was probably a myth. Have you ever heard of another firestorm from heaven? Christians are quick to approach natural disasters as proof of God’s wrath, but there’s never been a rational basis for this. I know, it’s rather stupid to believe that hurricanes are caused by low pressure systems, earthquakes are caused by movement of tectonic plates, and volcanoes from lava trying to escape Earth’s crust. It’s God at work, using a not-so-surgical attack on sinners.

6 – Children in gay homes will become gay or suffer from a lack of well-rounded role models. Homophobia is the fear that homosexuality spreads somehow, but for some reason we have straight parents with gay children and gay parents with straight children because it doesn’t work that way. As for role models, we don’t seize kids from every adult who has tragically lost his/her spouse, for fear that the child will not be well-rounded.

I hope you can see how silly this crusade is… but as silly as it is, it’s nothing compared to the fight against gays in the military. Does allowing gays change the definition of soldier? Is the army a Christian institution? Christians had an argument against this at one time, but after years with a mixed military, it’s clear to see that none of their prophesies have come true. If it wasn’t obvious enough from American soldiers, we could’ve just looked to other countries that were less bigoted than ours which had allowed gays to fight for years before ours. There was never a good reason to prevent it except prejudice against gays. It’s time to face the facts. If you’re against gay marriage, it’s because you hate gay people. We went through this with blacks already, treating them like lesser people for no logical reason. It’s time to grow… and to start following the scripture you claim gives you your morals.


*Credit to this site which listed the reasons given against gay marriage – a very funny link for all those who agree with me in this blog. If you can think of other arguments against gay marriage, I’ll happily welcome them and respond myself.


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4 responses to “Why Gays Should Marry

  • Melvin

    I think that I agree but there are some certain limits that gays have abused in many ways. I am gay and I look like a woman and gays have discriminated me and I am not a woman and I am gay and I was looking for a gay man for 20 years. Why do gay men find so fast a boyfriend just in one day like any straight guy finds it quickly with woman? Why? I believe gay marriage would have passed if you have agreed and have joined with me. But, I am American Citizen and the laws protect me and they cannot violate the laws and the Constitution. I do not support Proposition 8 nor Gay marriage. I respect you and all of the people because they are people like you and me. Well, I believe with all of my heart that Gay Marriage should pass it and I do not censor you and I am with you. But, there are some things that I do not agree one thing that I cannot tolerate that gays discriminated me. Don’t censor me, too. I love you, so much and wish you all the best and I support you and my prayers are with you. God loves you, too. So, I am with you. I wish you the best.
    Your friend,

  • discriminated

    I am gay and the gays have discriminated me. I am angry and disappointing. I do not want any lawyer help. I am praying to God to help me to give me patience and give me years until I come back to Guatemala.

  • discriminated

    I am not against them, neither gay marriage. I am against their pride and their abuse of power and their egocentric. Who are they? They are not millionaires. They are not kingly ancestry. They are PLEBEIANS.

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