Abstinence… Only???

There are many people out there teaching us that sex is wrong. They teach abstinence, which is all fine and good. I’ve been abstinent for over 2 years now, and with no ill effects (besides the natural frustration). I have not a single problem with the Abstinence of Abstinence Only theory. At least it’s 50% right, which is better than most of the morals that Christianity imposes on society at large.

The ‘Only’ part is based on a “fact” that’s quoted time and time again… “Abstinence is the only form of birth control that is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.” Just because it’s quote often doesn’t make it true. Let’s consider just one form of outercourse (among many), the hand job. If I’m not mistaken, nobody has ever gotten pregnant from a hand job. Nor has anyone contracted a disease from such an act. Nor will the Christians who look down on the sexually perverted (from their stance) find a piece of scripture that draws attention to it and calls it wicked.

Being sexually abstinent as a rule is just silly. Let’s consider the analogy of sex to driving. Driving is, in undisputed fact, the biggest cause of death in America. Even heart disease doesn’t claim as many victims as car accidents (except in age groups over 50). It is, without a doubt, risky. But we recognize that, and we have seat belts and airbags to protect us. In a similar vein we have condoms to protect us during sex. But being abstinent just because of the danger, despite condoms, is like giving up driving just because of the risk that remains despite a seat belt. What would you think of a person who gave up driving for life just because it carries some risk?

Marriage doesn’t protect one from disease – it just lessens the risk. HIV is still transferable through needles and birth, though doctors have taken extraordinary precautions with needles because of this. A sexual partner with HIV, even if it is your spouse, can still give you this disease. The same is true about things like Hepatitis B and scabies… they don’t only come from sex, but can be passed on this way.

Let’s give up on this pathetic charade. Abstinence Only is Christian propaganda disguised as science. Condoms may not be 100% safe, but neither is anything on this planet. Death is always a possibility, no matter how careful. But let’s be merely careful instead of insane. We do need sex to keep our species alive, and it’s useful for things even beyond mere procreation, such as enjoyment. So is masturbation, another fine form of sex that is 100% safe from babies and viruses… and always done with someone you love.



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