The Science of Energy

There are no such things as auras. Feng shui doesn’t work, and neither does tarot. Psychics are frauds and souls don’t exist. All of these concepts are based on a flimsy understanding of the science of energy.

Energy is released or stored. We humans gain energy by eating, and the calories in that food are stored until burned by our muscles. We give off energy in the form of heat, similar to an aura (but with important differences) and we transfer energy to the things we come in contact with.

What we don’t do is take in energy from our surroundings. If this were true, we could survive without eating. Believers in the New Age want us to believe that we’re swimming in a virtual sea of energy, that it is around us and through us and in us. An explanation of their theories often begin with “We’re surrounded by energy, agreed?” Sorry, there’s no agreement there, at least not with science.

While living things exude energy in thermal form, we don’t give off different energy signatures when our feelings change. “Aura readers” supposedly see different colors of energy coming from their fellow human beings, depending on their moods. This has been put to the test, both with scientific equipment that reads energy and also in practice with so-called aura readers, and has failed the test miserably.

Penn and Teller did an excellent test of Feng Shui on their Showtime program “Penn and Teller’s Bullshit.” They hired three different Feng Shui consultants to remodel a certain woman’s home, but they weren’t told that anyone else would be brought in to lend their expert opinion. The consultants not only didn’t reach a consensus, but had hilariously different views on several rooms. Penn and Teller were even smarter with a parody, in which Teller rearranges the furniture in a room and Penn keeps checking his wallet to see if the money it contains has changed. “Good fortune” is hard to measure, and this is what Feng Shui consultants prey on.

There are no shortage of psychic tests online, but they don’t make rational sense. It should be easy for a psychic to prove their powers, and yet none has done it. We joke about never reading the headline “Local Psychic Wins Lottery.”  Psychics claim that everything is connected, and that people should be able to and some are able to reach through these connections and gain information that escapes most of us. These connections are said to be made up of energy, and this energy just doesn’t exist. We’re not all tied together, not even on a molecular level. There is no science behind extrasensory perception, which is why so few scientists believe in it.

The soul is by far the least reasonable to believe in, and yet has the greatest following. There is no way for a non-physical entity to react with the physical world. Scientists have never found a soul in a person yet (the belief that a person loses a mysterious 21 grams upon death is based on a hoax) nor does it make sense for humans to have a soul and for animals to lack one. If a soul consists of energy, where does this energy come from? Do souls eat and consume calories? Again, it just bad energy science.

Finally, an anecdote about Tarot. I witnessed a Tarot reading once, and was joking about the act as it happened. The reader and her “customer” went into a different room for a second reading, claiming that I was messing up the spiritual energy and thus ruining the reading. This reader actually believed that (without such interference) a second reading would result in the same cards being dealt. This would lend weight to Tarot being a real science, but it doesn’t actually happen in real life… it is fantastically improbable.  We have yet to see a single YouTube video, a show on TV, or a demonstration for a skeptic in which this is done. Tarot is easily debunked by going to 2 different readers, which will in all probability give you 2 different readings.

Learn about energy, today.



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