Opinion vs. Fact

You can’t win in the court of public opinion.  Every time you stand trial, no matter what your defense is, somebody will have a problem with it.  No matter what your opinion is, someone will always disagree, and no matter how you defend your opinion, someone will always say you’re doing it wrong.

If your opinion can’t be changed, you are mulish, stubborn, thick-skulled and single-minded.  If your opinion is flexible, you are wishy-washy and bend whichever way the breeze is blowing.

If you back up your opinion on your own expertise, you are biased or bought by a controlling interest.  If you back it up with the expertise of others, you are rehashing, beating a dead horse, and unoriginal.  If you back it up with feelings rather than facts you are an apologist and a bleeding heart.

If you are certain that you’re right then you are holier-than-thou and on a high horse.  If you’re uncertain then you’re ignorant and speaking out of turn.

There is nothing that your peers can’t disagree with, and no stance you can take that they can’t disapprove of.  But even this is just my opinion, as all of my blogs are.

I like to share my opinion.  Although my blogs are free to comment on, none of my readers ever do.  I get readers from Facebook, socialjusticefrenzy.com, and other blogs by way of “related links”…  but no matter what the source, nobody comments.  In a way this is nice – nobody disagrees with me so strongly that they need to share their opinion with everyone that reads my blog.  But it also means that nobody has been thinking about these topics and has something to add that I “left out”.

No matter how you feel about my opinions, at least you should recognize them as such.  While I believe that I’ve made the right call (who doesn’t agree with their own opinions?) I am aware of the difference between opinion and fact, and none of this is fact.  It’s heartfelt, it’s often supported by research or reason, it’s backed up with a lot of faith – but my views are not fact.  They aren’t written in stone, either, and they can be changed.  I’ll always welcome a dissenting or agreeing view, a comment, an added missing idea either for or against.  Maybe someday my opinions may change.

And who knows?  Maybe someday my opinions may become fact… like Greek Mythology (from belief to hoax).

-S Nova


About starcrashx

I love statistics. They drive my poker playing, my reasoning, and my research. As Penn Gillete said "Luck is probability taken personally". There's no such thing as luck... but I wish you positive chance. View all posts by starcrashx

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