We Are All Unbelievers

I’m an Atheist.  I don’t believe in God.  And neither do you.

Now of course, if you’re not an Atheist, you probably think it’s stupid to say with certainty that you don’t believe in God.  It’s true, though.  While you may believe in a God, you don’t believe in every God.  It would be tough to find a member of both Protestant and Catholic churches, a Scientologist who is also a Mormon, a Hindu Orthodox Jew or a Buddhist Muslim.  Even if you believe in a god, you don’t believe in the other gods.  So are far as total faith goes, you worship less than 5% of the world’s common religious figures, which makes you over 95% unbelieving.

While the math may not dazzle you, maybe you understand my skepticism when you tell me that proof of your God is all around us, because you’ve heard it from other religions and you agree with me on those counts.  When you’re not invested in a belief it’s easier to disbelieve.

And please don’t tell me it’s wrong to be Agnostic (“willfully ignorant”) either.  I’m willing to wager that the majority of those who are certain that the Muslim faith is entirely wrong have never cracked open a Qur’an.  Many who laugh at Scientology beliefs don’t even know what they are.  And those who don’t believe Hindi icons can answer prayers have never offered a single one.   Are you ignorant about the beliefs of others an accident, or by will?  I believe you, too, are Agnostic.

Maybe I’m being unfair calling you an Unbeliever and an Agnostic.  I don’t mean to offend.  I think a person should be allowed to believe what they want.  Atheism doesn’t ask for recruits, just asks that you stop trying to push your faith on us.  Every American has the freedom of religion – even unbelievers.



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